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According to the University of Hong Kong Mentorship Programme, " Mentors (overseas) are local counselors, guardians and friends for HKU students in foreign country for exchange studies. During the students' stay in their respective universities, they will touch base with their Mentors and develop a supportive one-to-one mentoring relationship. This two-way relationship is designed to facilitate the holistic development of the students."

For more information, please visit http://www.mentorship.hku.hk.  Holly Tang 鄧秀明 (htang@hku.hk) is in charge of the programme.

Each semester, HKUAANE supports the HKU Mentorship Program in providing  alumni mentors to HKU exchange students studying in colleges in Massachusetts and other New England  states. The number of mentees have ranged from 2 to 10. Usually, there are more exchange students in the fall semester. These are some of the colleges that have hosted HKU undergraduate exchange students:  Bentley College, Boston College, Boston University, Emerson College, Harvard College, MIT, Mt. Holyoke College,  Northeastern University, Tufts University,  and Wellesley College

Among the current members of HKUAANE, these have served as mentors:

Abu Abdullah, Kin-Sang Cho, Son-Mey Chiu, Doris Chow, Tianshi Fang,  Mengyan Rae Flanagan,  Dominic Foo, Kira Fu,  Christopher Hope, Vivienne Hsu,  Anthony Lam, Jenny Lau, Amy Leung, Connie Louie,  Simon Nip, Tatfong Ng, Chi-Sang Poon, Keith Wong, Sau-Fong Siu, Yum-Tong Siu, Florence Yong.

Jing Fan and Roy Chan, who recently left Boston, have also served as mentors to many students.  

If you wish to become a mentor at HKUAANE, please review and complete the Mentors Guidelines and  Mentor Enrollment Form, and send an email to contact@hkuaane.org  The commitment is for one semester only. You may choose to mentor more than one student each semester.

All exchange students, regardless of whether they have signed up for mentors, are invited to all HKUAANE events.

Welcoming a New Crop of Exchange Students, Fall 2017

Last semester (January - May 2017), we welcomed Jonathan Ching 程景謙 (MIT, stay till December 2017, mentored by Tianshi Fang 方天石), Beverly Leung 梁碧君(Emerson College, mentored by Sau-Fong Siu 黃秀芳), and Sharon Wong 黃詩嵐 (Boston College, mentored by Anson Cho and Amy Leung 曹健生, 梁佩瓊). Beverly and Sharon have returned to Hong Kong. This semester, 15 students (14 new ones plus Jonathan Ching from last semester) will be studying in Boston area colleges.  They hail from Taiwan, Thailand, China, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. All except two have signed up for HKU's Mentorship Program.

Aaron Chien-Han Chen 陳皆翰 ( Business & Economics),  Bentley University, mentored by Milly Lau 吳妙麗

Andrew Baian Chen 陳柏安 (Engineering), MIT. Not in mentorship program.

Yilin Cloris Chen  陳怡琳 (Business & Economics), Wellesley College, mentored by Sau-Fong Siu 黃秀芳

Xinyu Cui 崔馨予 (Science), Tufts  University, mentored by Kira Fu 傅中捷

Daru Alex Huang 黃達儒(Business & Economics), Boston College, mentored by Connie Louie 楊國莉

Jenny Thitaporn Kornubrabhan 顧增樺 (Engineering), Northeastern University, mentored by Shenlu Xu 許沈璐

Ho Yu Hody Lee 李灝瑜 (Science), Tufts University, mentored by Tatfong Ng 吳達方

Shuet Yee Cherry Lee 李雪兒 (Social Sciences & Law), Boston University, mentored by Vivienne Hsu  龍綺玲

Yuhua Andrea Liao 廖瑜暉 (Law), Boston University, mentored by Vivienne Hsu 龍綺玲

Zhuoran Jacqueline Lin 林卓然 (Business & Economics), Tufts University, mentored by Wai Kit Ming 明偉傑

Yishen Keira Lin 林奕昕 (Business & Economics), Tufts University, mentored by Wai Kit Ming明偉傑

Siu Hang Lorenz Lo 羅兆垣 (Arts), Emerson College, mentored by Sau-Fong Siu 黃秀芳

Emily Peng 彭麗秦 (Social Sciences), Boston College, mentored by Connie Louie 楊國莉

Alison Shuai Lin Yuan 袁帥琳 (Social Sciences), Wellesley College. Not in mentorship program.


The pictures below show some gatherings over the years of mentors, mentees, and other exchange students in various setting. (Click to Magnify).


Mentor Sau-Fong Siu and new mentee Beverly Leung, lunch in Boston Chinatown, 1/15/2017

Mentors Anson Cho & Amy Leung and daughter Jenna with new mentee Sharon Wong, dinner at Ming's, Malden, MA, 1/27/2017

Mentor Tatfong Ng and Boston U mentees Winnie Hui & Christine Zhang, viewing foliage 2016

Mentor Tatfong Ng with Boston U mentees having Christmas dinner 2016

Mentor Tatfong Ng & Boston U mentees visiting Boston Winter Village, December 2016

Mentor Vivienne Hsu and mentee Adela Mao, dinner in Chinatown 9/3/2013

Mentor Vivienne Hsu with Keith Chan and Kenneth Yuen, lunch in Chinatown 10/15/2011

Mentor Vivienne Hsu and law student, Keith Chan - lunch in Chinatown August 2011

Mentor Vivienne Hsu , her husband Dr.George Hsu and son Gregory, Keith Chan and Kenneth Yuen and other Boston University law students in her home, 12/17/2011

Mentor Vivienne Hsu , her husband Dr.George Hsu and son, Keith Chan and Kenneth Yuen and other Boston University law students in her home, 12/17/2011

Mentor Connie Louie  and her husband Dr. Stephen Louie hosted a dessert/coffee gathering at their  home for mentee Rebecca Ying Chen to meet alumni, 4/16/2011

Mentor Connie Louie  and her husband Dr. Stephen Louie hosted a dessert/coffee  gathering at their  home for mentee Rebecca Ying Chen to meet alumni, 4/16/2011

Mentors Simon Nip, Sau-Fong Siu, and Yum-Tong Siu with their mentees at Ten-ichi, Natick, MA, April 2013

Mentees Mandy Chen,Cecilia Wu, Janet Zhang, Isaac Chan, Benson Chan) at HKUAANE luncheon, Jumbo Seafood, Newton, MA, September, 2013

Mentee Ran Bi  畢 然 giving mentor Sau-Fong Siu a tour of the new Lady Ho Tung Hall in Hong Kong, Summer 2014

Mentor Sau-Fong Siu with Fall Semester 2016 mentee Cecilia Qiu (Wellesley College) and former mentee Phyllis Zhong (Wellesley College) meeting for lunch in Dumpling Daughter, Weston, MA, 10/30/2016

Mentors Roy Chan and Sau-Fong Siu with their mentees celebrating Christmas at the Sius' home, December 5,  2015

Mentor Sau-Fong Siu with current and former Wellesley College mentees  Miriam Yu, Xin Zeng and Phyllis Zhong)  at Amarin Restaurant, Wellesley, MA, 9/20/2014

Mentees and exchange students celebrating Chinese New Year at the Sius' home, 2/22/2014

Mentees and young alumni celebrating Chinese New Year at the Sius' home, 2/28/2015

Three Mt. Holyoke College mentees with mentor Sau-Fong Siu in Weston, MA, Fall 2010

Mentors Yum-Tong and Sau-Fong Siu meeting mentees Roy Lam, Jiayi Zhou and Skelton Zhou for lunch in Chinatown. Joining them were alum Milly Ng and her husband Louis Lau, September 2009

Mentees and  young alumni celebrating Thanksgiving at the Sius' home, 12/4/2006

Mentee William Siu (Bentley College) with mentor Yum-Tong Siu, 11/5/2005


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