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September 16, 2017

The HKUAANE held its fall dinner on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, Newton, Massachusetts. It was well attended by 16 students and 29 alumni family. All newcomers were given a chance to introduce themselves. To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes were served.  The program for the evening concluded with a  HKU Trivia game and lucky draw. Below is the group photo taken after dinner. (Two attendees left before the photo session.)


June 24, 2017

Monica Wong,黃佩瑤, Assistant Director of Development & Alumni Affairs Office, and Professor Kenneth Leung 梁美儀教授, Professor of Aquatic Ecology and Toxicology, Swire Institute of Marine Science and School of Biological Sciences, HKU Faculty of Science, were in the Boston area in June to attend a leadership course at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. A welcome dinner for them, held at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, was attended by several HKU alumni -- Tatfong Ng 吳達方, Simon Wang  王源, Kira Fu 傅中捷, Chris Lee 李浩天 and Sau-Fong Siu 黃秀芳.


June  22, 2017

The following eight  HKU alumni were elected to the Standing Committee of Convocation at the Ordinary General Meeting held on 22 June 2017:


No. of valid votes

CHAN Ka Kin King (BA 2001)



CHANG Wan Ki Gloria (BSocSc 2001)



CHEUNG Ka Lun (BSc 1982)



FU King Wa (BEng 1993, PhD 2009)



Ip Yuen Yu Agnes
(BBA(Law) 2004, LLB 2005)



KIU Wai Fung Keith (BEcon 1999)



LEUNG Wing Chak Dantes
(LLB 2005, PCLL 2006)



Sze Yuk Shing (BSW 2011)



Total number of voters : 5,271
Total number of votes casted : 33,978
(Each voter can elect no more than 8 candidates per ballot)


April 8, 2017

The HKU Alumni Association of Boston-New England (HKUAANE)  held its Spring luncheon gathering at the Bulpan Grill & Lounge in Lexington, MA on Saturday, April 8, 2017.  Forty-five people (40 adults and 5 children) attended this event. Tatfong Ng reminded attendees that our group has a new name: Hong Kong University Alumni Association Boston-New England. After introducing first-time attendees (Dr. Chin Peng Lee, Beverly Leung, Sharon Wong, Mark Chan, Jonathan Ching, and Moby Hon), alumni Son Mey Chiu and Constance Chung did a captivating presentation on the Ling Nan School of Chinese painting. A special gift was then presented to the representative of Alamak Biosciences, which recently made a very generous donation to our group's student activity fund.  Everyone enjoyed the bingo game and lucky draw that followed. Here is the group photo of 40 smiling faces!  (Not included in the photo were Doris Watt, Chin Peng Lee, Yanming Li, Florence Yong,  and Joshua Lo, who had to leave before photo taking.)


April 8, 2017

Ragging in HKU Residence Halls

The University of Hong Kong's (HKU) St. John's College has expelled three students, suspended 19 and warned another over ragging incidents, including one where the lower half of a junior student's body was covered with wax.  The group of about 20 poured wax over the student's lower body on March  21, according to a now-deleted Facebook post, the South China Morning Post reported on Saturday. The victim had been a candidate in a hall council election. In a second incident at Simon K.Y. Lee Hall,  a man wearing a HKU jacket was seen hitting another man's head with his genitalia, in a video that went viral in early April.

St. John's College Dean Dr. K. C. Wong 黃國俊 issued this statement: "For students or alumni who are still pondering whether some form of ragging may be justified as a form of socialisation into the so-called 'sub culture' or 'tradition', the College's unequivocal position towards this incident, together with the consequences that the College as a whole has to bear as a result of this incident, should remove any doubt."

March 22, 2017

HKU bans sales of disposable bottled water to help planet

The measure takes effect on Pok Fu Lam campus from July 1 – and plastic bags and takeaway boxes could be next.

February 2017

THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG Selection of the next President & Vice-Chancellor Membership of the Search and Selection Committees

 I. Membership of the Search Committee

 a) A lay member of the Council, appointed by the Council (Chairman); and b) Three full-time senior professorial Teachers at Chair Professor level*, one from each of the 3 cognate Faculty groupings (viz. Medicine and Dentistry; Engineering, Science and Architecture; Arts, Social Sciences, Education, Business & Economics, Law, and including The Kadoorie Institute and the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities & Social Sciences) to be elected from their own cognate Faculty grouping. Each senior professorial Teacher can nominate up to 3 candidates (one from each of the 3 cognate Faculty groupings). (*comprising Chair Professors and Professors with Chair title)

II. Membership of the Selection Committee

a) The Chairman of the Council (Chairman)

b) 2 other lay members of the Council, 1 being the lay Council member on the Search Committee, and the other elected by the Council

c) A Faculty Dean (elected by the Faculty Deans among themselves)

d) 3 full-time professorial Teachers* (one from each of the 3 cognate Faculty groupings to be elected from their own cognate Faculty grouping) (*comprising Chair Professors, Professors with Chair title, and Professors)

e) A full-time non-professorial Teacher*/academic-related staff# member, elected from among their own number (*comprising Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Senior Lecturers and Lecturers) ( # comprising academic-related staff who are involved in teaching and/or research activities and are required to undergo the Performance Review and Development (PRD))

f) An alumnus/alumna elected by Convocation

g) A full-time non-academic staff member, elected from among their own number

h) A full-time student, elected by undergraduate and postgraduate students

Selection Criteria for the Next Vice-Chancellor:

 Excellent academic standing and leadership: The next Vice-Chancellor should have excellent academic standing internationally, with significant contributions to teaching and learning, research and service, and possess the necessary intellectual qualities inclusive of a strong aspiration and commitment to leading the University in its pursuit of academic excellence that is recognized globally, and taking it to new heights.

 Integrity: He/She should be a widely respected person of high ideals and principles, and be able to uphold the University’s core values and safeguard its interests.

Vision: He/She should be innovative and have a solid knowledge of worldwide trends and developments in higher education, as well as a strong vision of the University’s role, commitment and future development in the region and globally.

Demonstrated management capability: He/She should be able to lead a cross-cultural, complex academic community with diversified interests, and be good at team building, conflict resolution and crisis management, and possess a proven track record of resource development and fund-raising.

Effective interpersonal and communication skills: He/She should be willing to consult and engage students, staff and other relevant stakeholders in promoting the vision and mission of the University, and be able to project the University’s image and enhance its reputation.


Early February 2017

Professor Peter Mathieson resigns as HKU President and Vice-Chancellor University Council to initiate global search for candidates.

The University of Hong Kong announced today (February 2) that Professor Peter Mathieson has resigned from the post of President and Vice-Chancellor. The University Council will soon start a global search for candidates. In an email to HKU members, Professor Mathieson said the decision was made out of personal reasons and after extensive discussions with his family. He will take up a new appointment as Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh. Professor Mathieson assumed office as the 15th President and Vice-Chancellor on a five-year term in April 2014. He will leave the post by January 2018.

Statement from HKU Convocation Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of HKU Convocation expresses its concern over the resignation of Professor Peter Mathieson from the post of President & Vice-Chancellor of the University before the expiry of his term. The Standing Committee has full confidence that Convocation members will continue to render their best support to the University during the transition period. It will be for the best interests of the University to ensure that the recruitment for the next President would be conducted in a smooth manner so as to find the best possible candidates. We have strong faith in the solid foundations of the University laid over the past 100 and more years, and it is our hope that the next President would have the passion and commitment to continue the efforts of predecessors in upholding HKU's core values and bringing it forward to scale new heights. The Standing Committee appreciates Professor Mathieson's leadership of The University of Hong Kong and his support of the HKU Convocation during the past three years. We wish him continuing success in his new endeavours.

HKU Convocation Standing Committee

(The Convocation of the University of Hong Kong 香港大學畢業生議會 is a statutory body comprising graduates and teaching staff of the University. Website: http://www.convocation.hku.hk)


香港大畢業生議會常務委員會就馬斐森教授在任期屆滿前辭去香港大學校長一職表示關注。本會有信心畢業生議會各成員將會在過渡期間繼續全力支持大學。 本會認為,確保新校長遴選工作順利進行,物色到最佳繼任人選,是香港大學最佳福祉。我們對香港大學過去 多年來的堅實基礎充滿信心,並期望下任校長具有熱誠及承擔,繼承前人的努力,堅守香港大學的核心價值,帶領她達至新的高峰。本會欣賞馬斐森教授過去三年對香港大學的領導及對畢業生議會的支持。祝願他在新的崗位繼續成功。



October 2016

The HKU Alumni Association of Boston-New England (HKUAANE)  held its  Fall luncheon gathering at the Changsho Restaurant in Cambridge, MA on Saturday, October 15, 2016. Thirty HKU alumni, friends, and exchange students participated in this year's luncheon. Dr. Dalena Wright, Senior Fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard University, gave a talk entitled "British Foreign Policy and the Return of Hong Kong to China," followed by Q & A.   Roy Y. Chan, convenor of HKUAANE, chaired the event.  At the conclusion of the event, Mr. Chan announced to the participants that he will be stepping down as leader of HKUAANE to pursue a full-time upper-level administrative role in the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs (DEMA) at Indiana University Bloomington. The responsibility  for running  HKUAANE will be passed on to  Dr. Tatfong Ng, Research Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Boston University. He will be assisted by Dr. Kira Fu, a postdoctoral fellow at the Boston Children's Hospital.



Message from Professor Peter Mathieson, President and Vice-Chancellor: Research Grants and Projects

Dear colleagues, students, alumni and friends,

I am very pleased to share with you the news that HKU has received excellent results in the recent announcement by the Research Grants Council on a number of competitive peer-reviewed research funding schemes. HKU competed in and secured the most research grants and the highest total grant quantum in the four major grant schemes (4 projects worth $140m in the TRS; 233 projects worth a total of $157.5m in the GRF; 34 projects worth $22.9m in the ECS; and 2 projects worth $1.3m in the HSSPFS). More details on HKU's funding results can be found at http://www.rss.hku.hk/rgc/funding-results.htm.

Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS)

Our researchers have done very well in the 6th round of the TRS. This is one of the most strategic and largest public funding schemes in terms of grant quantum in Hong Kong. The awarded projects have undergone a rigorous peer-review process and were selected for their academic excellence and potential impact to the long-term development of Hong Kong, among many criteria.

Of the 7 projects funded, HKU is participating in ALL 7 projects, and is charged to coordinate 4 of them. The following projects coordinated by HKU have been given a total budget valued at $140m (including on-costs, PC allowance and institutional matching funds) for a period of 5 years:

1. Understanding Cancer Stemness in Liver Cancer - From Regulation to Translational Applications
    (Project Coordinator: Professor I.O.L. Ng, Department of Pathology, LKS Faculty of Medicine)
2. Gastric Cancer Genomics and Beyond - Moving from Patient Samples to 3D Organoid Cultures for
    Integrative Genomics Analysis, Drug Sensitivity Assays, Cell Biological Studies and Animal Models
    (Project Coordinator: Professor S.Y. Leung, Department of Pathology, LKS Faculty of Medicine)
3. Enhanced Separation and Sludge Refinery for Wastewater Treatment -
    Solving the Nexus of Pollution Control and Resource Recovery in Mega Cities
    (Project Coordinator: Professor X.Y. Li, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering)
4. Learning and Assessment for Digital Citizenship
    (Project Coordinator: Professor N.W.Y. Law, Faculty of Education)

General Research Fund (GRF), Early Career Scheme (ECS), and Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (HSSPFS)

Apart from the TRS, HKU also has the highest number of approved projects and the largest share of approved funding among all local institutions for the GRF (14th consecutive year), ECS and HSSPFS. The GRF projects are an indication of the breadth, depth and quality of the research right across the HKU campus. Success in the ECS projects is a testimony of the calibre and quality of the young academic and research staff who have chosen to embark on their careers at HKU. Our competitiveness in the HSSPFS is a validation of the remarkable talents we have in the field of humanities and social sciences.

I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to all successful applicants and their research teams, and wish them success in the deliverables of these projects. My thanks to all researchers who participated in the submissions. Competitions for public research funds are increasingly keen. For colleagues who have missed out in these rounds, I hope you will continue to refine your proposals and explore novel ideas for future submissions. There are also many other public and private funding schemes to which proposals can be submitted – so I urge you to persevere! Our staff in Research Services would be happy to provide more information on these schemes. I also wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to our colleagues in Research Services and relevant administrative units for their professional assistance in the processing of these proposals and administration of the grants.

The University's Vision 2016-2025 captures our ambition to be Asia's leading global university with cutting-edge research in critical areas through knowledge creation, translation, realisation and impact. We will continue to foster strategic collaboration and partnerships across institutions and continents. HKU is well placed to capitalise on prospective research opportunities as they emerge around the world, integrating Western and Eastern research scholarship. We will continue to advance research in terms of quality, impact, innovation value and community outcomes. Let's work together to realise this ambition.

With best wishes,

Peter Mathieson
President and Vice-Chancellor

MAY 2016

Message from Professor Peter Mathieson, President and Vice-Chancellor: Report of the Second Institutional Quality Audit of HKU


May 16, 2016

Dear colleagues, students, alumni and friends,

The Quality Assurance Council (QAC) of the University Grants Committee (UGC) has just released its Report of the second institutional Quality Audit of the University of Hong Kong. I am pleased to let you know that the Report is very positive and encouraging.

The QAC Audit Panel complimented HKU for its commitment to quality teaching and learning. The Report praises HKU for its high academic standards, for the Common Core Curriculum which has had a significant impact on the intellectual, social and ethical development of undergraduates across the University, for providing a wide range of formal and informal learning opportunities inclusive of international learning experiences, for offering a comprehensive range of student services promoting the holistic development of students, and for innovations in postgraduate education.

I wish to highlight the Report's conclusion that "the University has a strong and widespread commitment to the quality of learning opportunities and has put in place an appropriate and comprehensive quality assurance and quality enhancement system that supports its over-arching strategic goal to be a leading international institution of higher learning. Dialogue between the Audit Panel and staff and students of the University revealed a reflective academic community committed to attaining world-class academic standards and an enhanced student experience." The Audit did indeed provide an excellent opportunity for us to showcase the concerted effort of the entire University in upholding high academic standards and providing students with enriched and valuable learning experiences.

HKU has an established tradition of self-reflection and striving for excellence. The University will continue to build on its robust quality assurance and quality enhancement mechanisms with a view to continuously enhancing teaching and learning quality and the student learning experience. In formulating an action plan in response to the Audit Panel's recommendations and suggestions, the University intends to reach out to relevant stakeholders for consultation. The key areas include articulation and promulgation of an overarching strategic approach to setting the academic standards of our awards, continued development of a conceptual framework to capture student achievement across the spectrum, and broadening of our strategy for internationalisation of the student learning environment. The Audit Report incorporating the University's response is available on the Teaching and Learning website

The overall success of the Audit belongs to the entire HKU family - my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to and participated in the exercise. With the ongoing support of staff, students, alumni and friends, I am confident that we will be able to take HKU's teaching and learning to new heights under the strategic directions of Internationalisation, Innovation, Interdisciplinarity and Impact.

Professor Peter Mathieson
President and Vice-Chancellor

February 2016

The HKU Alumni Association of New England (HKUAANE)  held its  Spring luncheon gathering on Saturday, February 20, 2016 at Changsho Restaurant in Cambridge, MA.  The event featured  HKU alumnus Dr. Donald Sturgeon from Harvard University as a speaker.  The association would also like to extend a warm welcome to the following  newcomers to the Boston area:

Undergrad Exchange Students
Doris Chen陳雅軒 Boston College
Jack Tam譚國輝 Northeastern University (Mentor: Mr. Roy Y. Chan)
Guolin Gu 顧國琳 Wellelsey College (Mentor: Dr. Sau-Fong Siu)
Celia Lau劉子晴 Northeastern University
Deborah Poon 潘諾殷 Northeastern University
Janet Wan萬錚錚at Mount Holyoke College
Davy Zhang張毅 Boston College

Graduate student
Doris Chow周曉薇 University of Massachusetts, Boston

Undergrad Visiting Students at Harvard
Joy Bai  白延佳
David Cheng 鄭德衛
Maggie Huang黃逸清
Michelle Liu 劉越
Jia Sun 孫佳
Alex Li Wei 韋力
Wendy Xu 徐婉婷

Transfer student
Luna Fang 房璐 at Wellesley College




This Spring 2016, the HKU Alumni Association of New England (HKUAANE) is pleased to welcome two HKU undergraduate students to the New England region. These two students, Ms. Molly Guolin GU and Mr. Jack Kwok Fai TAM,will study for one academic semester (January 2016-May 2016) at Wellelsey College and Northeastern University, respectively.

The HKUAANE family would also like to extend a warm welcome to Ms. Melody Yunzi LI, visiting scholar in the Department of Comparative Literature at Harvard University. Ms. Li, who holds an M.Phil in Comparative Literature from The University of Hong Kong (HKU), is currently Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature at Washington University in St. Louis, where she is the recipient of prestigious McDonnell International Academy Scholarship. Ms. Li was the winner of the "2011 People's Choice Award" bestowed by The University of Hong Kong Graduate School. 

And finally, the HKUAANE would like to congratulate Dr. Jing FAN, postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, for her recent faculty appointment in January 2016. After residing in Boston for three years, Dr. FAN will move to New York City, NY to become 'Assistant Professor' at the City College of New York. Dr. FAN has been an active member of HKUAANE since 2012, where she served as a mentor to over 10 HKU exchange students. She holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Hong Kong (HKU). We wish her very best as she departs Massachusetts this month to the great state of New York. Stay in touch!


On Sunday, December 5, 2015,  Professor Yum-Tong Siu and Professor Sau-Fong Siu, longtime members of the HKUAANE, hosted a private Christmas Tea party at their home in Weston, MA. The party featuring desserts and appetizers, carol singing, and lucky draws was attended by exchange students and their mentors. Besides bidding a farewell to the exchange students, the dinner also honored mentor Dr. Jing Fan, who is leaving Boston to take up a faculty position in New York City. Thanks to all the exchange students for sharing their academic and personal experience with HKUAANE and to mentors Roy Chan, Connie Louie, Son-Mey Chu,  Keith Wong, Jenny Lau, Sau-Fong Siu, and Jing Fan for making exchange students feel welcomed.   

On November 26, 2015, Professor Sau-Fong Siu and Professor Yum-Tong Siu, longtime members of the HKUAANE,  hosted a private Thanksgiving Dinner for  a small group of their friends and some HKU alumni and  exchange students.  HKU-affiliated participants include Tina Chen, Tianshi Fang, Qianru Wang, Victor Lo, Florence Yong, Milly Lau, Xinyi Zhang, Shenlu Xu, and Milly Lau.



On Saturday, October 17, 2015, the HKU Alumni Association of New England (HKUAANE)  held its Fall luncheon gathering with Professor Robert S. Ross as speaker at the Royal East Restaurant in Cambridge, MA. 

Dr. Ross, who currently serves as Professor of Political Sciences at Boston College and Associate at the John King Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University, presented a keynote speech entitled "U.S.-China Relations After the Summit: Reflecting on Chinese President Xi Jinping First State Visit to Washington D.C."  Over 30 people attended this year's event.  Sau-Fong Siu, Former convenor of the association, gave a brief report on the history of HKUAANE.


Message from the President (Professor Peter Mathieson)  on behalf of the Senior Management Team

September 18, 2015

To all members of the University

Hot on the heels of the wonderful news about this year's admissions results, showing for example that as well as all 12 perfect scorers in the HKDSE choosing to come to HKU, 82% of the 689 top scorers that wish to study Medicine chose HKU and an extraordinary 98% of those wanting to study Law chose HKU, I have some more great news. The University of Hong Kong has an incredible nine (9) of the world's top cited scientific researchers. It is noteworthy that no other Hong Kong institution has more than 3, but in line with my oft-repeated assertion that we should aspire to global greatness and not just local dominance, it is worth noting that our increase from 5 of the most highly cited scientific researchers last year to 9 this year equates to an "indicative" world ranking of 58th compared to 110th in 2014. The advantages of this particular ranking are that the methodology is objective and the assessment period is 11 years, so that these data can be considered more robust than the standard league tables which depend upon subjective assessments and annual data gathering with frequent methodological changes. For further details, seehttp://highlycited.com.

My very sincere congratulations to Kwok-hung Chan, Guan Yi, James Lam, Malik Peiris, Leo Poon, Nagendra Shah, Min Sun, Yuen Kwok Yung and Guochun Zhao: we are very proud of them! Congratulations also to all the colleagues in their teams that have contributed to the success.

This message also gives me a timely opportunity to reassure all academic staff of the University, if reassurance is needed, that The University of Hong Kong continues to be a place where academic freedom is cherished and protected, where academic staff are encouraged to pursue whatever subjects their interests dictate, irrespective of how controversial they may be, and that all assessments of credentials and performance will be based on academic merit according to internationally recognised standards. Despite recent controversies, the University is striding forward and I am very optimistic that the future is bright.

The data referred to above show that HKU is currently sought after by the brightest students and populated by some of the world's most prominent scientists. My recent experience shows me that HKU is seen as an attractive place to work and study, a partner of choice for some of the world's top universities and a university that has the potential to be one of the world's best. Don't let anyone suggest otherwise!

With best personal regards,
Professor Peter Mathieson
President and Vice-Chancellor


Message from Dr. C.H. Leong, Chairman of the University Council of HKU

September 5, 2015

Dear Colleagues, Students and Alumni

    As an alumnus and the Chairman of the Council of our beloved University, I am writing to you in the aftermath of the EGM of Convocation.

    I understand that much was said at the EGM concerning the University and many ideas were put forward in a rational, orderly manner for the University to take on board. The unprecedented number of alumni attending or sending in their proxies made the occasion the largest such assembly of HKU alumni in the history of the University. Regardless of what was said and what votes were cast, the message that has come out loud and clear is that HKU alumni and staff care deeply about the University and they always have the best interest of their alma mater at heart.

    I can assure you that it is with this same spirit that Council carries out its duties and exercises its power in accordance with the University Ordinance and Statutes. It is also with this spirit that the Council members, as trustees of the University, make collective decisions in the best interest of the University which ensure that academic freedom and institutional autonomy will in no way be eroded. 

    Irrespective of different opinions, I believe that the solidarity of the HKU family will not be shaken, and that HKU alumni will continue to give support and guidance to their alma mater.

Dr C H Leong






梁智鴻醫生 謹啟

This Fall 2015, the HKU Alumni Association of New England (HKUAANE) is pleased to welcome 10 HKU undergraduate students to the New England region. These students will study for one academic semester (August 2015-December 2015) at the following institutions: Bentley University, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern University, Tufts University, and Wellesley College. They are:  Ms. Hae Yeon KIM, Mr. Bryan Xian Zhen TAN, Ms. Michelle Yue LIU, Ms. Gloria Li Chang SHEN, Ms. Phoenix Shiu Hei TO, Mr. Aaron Chi Lung CHAN, Ms. Anna Yu Qi KE, Ms. Morina Hsin Yu HSUEH, Ms. Ink Yan Mo HU, and Ms. Tina Qian CHEN.

JUNE 2015 AND JULY 2015
* A Message from the President & Vice-Chancellor

July 2, 2015

Dear HKU Alumni,

You are probably aware that Professor Roland Chin will step down as Provost with effect from July 3, 2015. He will remain in the service of the University as Chair of Computer Science until August 31, 2015 before taking up the position of President of Hong Kong Baptist University. The Senior Management Team agreed in its meetings soon after the announcement of Professor Roland Chin's appointment at the Baptist University that an acting Provost would be needed since the likelihood of having a new substantive Provost by July was slim. I therefore appointed Professor Paul Tam to be the acting Provost from July 3, 2015 until further notice. Professor Tam will also continue in his current role as Vice-President & Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) until the position is filled by Professor Andy Hor on September 1, 2015. 

I have also extended the appointment of Professor Paul Cheung as Associate Vice-President (Research) until December 31, 2015. Professor Cheung has kindly agreed to continue his sterling service and to assist the incoming Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) during the early stage of his appointment.

Professor John Kao, the new Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global), will join the University on August 1, 2015.

I would like to thank Professor Roland Chin again for his excellent service and immense contributions to the University in the past five years. I would also like to convey my gratitude to Professor Paul Tam and Professor Paul Cheung for their unfailing support during the transition of the Senior Management Team.

Professor Peter Mathieson
President and Vice-Chancellor

June 1, 2015

Dear colleagues, students, alumni and friends,

I wish to offer my sincere congratulations to Professor Roland Chin on his appointment as President of Hong Kong Baptist University. Roland has extensive experience as Provost here at HKU and previously at HKUST and is eminently well-qualified to assume a university presidency. Personally I am very sorry to lose him from HKU, but HKU must take pride in having incubated another university president for the Hong Kong sector. On behalf of the whole university, I thank him for all his hard work, commitment, good judgement and sense of humour. He has been a pleasure to work with and a great member of the senior management team. I look forward to working with him as part of HUCOM and HK8 and I wish him success and happiness for the future.

Professor Peter Mathieson
President and Vice-Chancellor 


MAY 2015

On Sunday, May 3, 2015, the HKU Alumni Association of New England (HKUAANE) held its inaugural "Meet & Greet with HKU Vice Chancellor & President Peter Mathieson" at the Hong Kong Restaurant, Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. We would like to thank Professor Mathieson for making his first visit to the HKUAANE this afternoon in the state of Massachusetts. To view photos of the event, please visit: http://www.hkuaane.org/photos.


April 2015

Dear colleagues, students, alumni and friends,

It is with profound sadness that I am sharing with you the news of the passing of Dr Rayson Huang, 10th Vice-Chancellor ( 1972 – 1986) of the University of Hong Kong. He passed away peacefully on April 8, 2015 in the United Kingdom.

Dr Huang made great contributions to Hong Kong, in academic, social and political arenas alike. He will be greatly missed by the University and many members of the public, and we send our deepest condolences to his family.

We will be circulating further details on the memorial in due course.

Professor Peter Mathieson
President and Vice-Chancellor 

March 28, 2015

On Saturday, March 28, 2015, the HKU Alumni Association of New England (HKUAANE)  held its annual Spring luncheon gathering  at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Newton, MA.  About 20 alumni and current HKU exchange students participated in the annual event, along with Professor Gregory L. Stoller as guest speaker from Boston College. 

* To view the photos from the event, please visit: http://www.hkuaane.org/photos


March 2015

March 24, 2015

Remembering Dr Lee Kuan Yew, Doctor of Laws honoris causa 

The University of Hong Kong joins the people of Singapore in mourning the passing of Dr Lee Kuan Yew.

Dr Lee was a man of immense vision and leadership who led Singapore from its independence in 1965, through years of considerable internal and regional challenges, to its position today as one of the world's most prosperous nations.

In 1970, HKU awarded him the degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa. In his speech to the Congregation,
Dr Lee spoke of the importance of education: 

"Of all the leading influences at work, the one most likely to leave the most lasting impact on the future is education. The imparting, not only of knowledge, but more important, of the spirit of curiosity and inquiry is what makes for innovation and enables science-based industries to grow... This can come only with the education of the total population, from which a meritocracy can emerge." 
(from his Honorary Graduate speech

We will always regard Dr Lee as a member of the HKU family, and at this time, our thoughts are with his family and the people of Singapore.

Professor Peter Mathieson
President & Vice-Chancellor
The University of Hong Kong 

懷念李光耀博士 (名譽法學博士) 




「未來工作之中最具深遠影響者,必是教育無疑。那不僅是知識之傳授,更重要者是培育好奇和探究精神,由此達致創新,促成以科學為基礎之產業成長... 只有達成全民教育,方有機會實現良才治國。」 


February 2015

A  private Chinese New Year  dinner party was hosted by  longtime HKUAANE members Professor Yum-Tong Siu and Professor Sau-Fong Siu for some HKU alumni and several exchange students at their house in Weston, MA on February 28, 2015.  The occasion served as a welcome to the HKU exchange students who studied in Boston area colleges for the 2015 spring semester.
Back (L to R): Jane Wang*(Harvard), Keith Wong+, Jenny Lau+, Milly (Ng) Lau+, Louis Lau, Tatfong Ng+, Philip Ho, Timothy Ng
Front (L to R): Roy Y. Chan +, Sau-Fong Siu+, Sara Chan*(Bentley), Tina Lau*(Northeastern), Maggie Kwok+, Yum-Tong Siu+

* = HKU exchange students
+ = HKU alumni
Those without * or + are other guests of the Sius

The HKU Alumni Association of New England (HKUAANE) is pleased to welcome our SPRING 2015 exchange students from the University of Hong Kong. Below are our current exchange students from HKU:

Sara CHAN Tsz Hei, 陳芷希, Faculty of Business and Economics (BBA Law), exchange at Bentley University. Mentor: Connie Louie

Echo JIAO Ran, 焦然, Faculty of Arts (English Studies), exchange at Northeastern University. mentor: Kira Fu

Tina LAU Yin Tung, 劉彥彤, Faculty of Social Sciences (Sociology), exchange at Northeastern University. Mentor: Sau-Fong Siu

Jane Yuxin Huang王語心, Faculty of Business and Economics (Economics and Mathematics), exchange at Harvard College.  Not in mentorship programme. 

January 2015

On January 26, 2015, Dr. Keith WONG announced that Roy Y. Chan to serve as the new incoming convenor of HKUAANE. 

Below is Roy's welcome message.

"Dear HKU Friends and Alums of New England:

It is my distinct honor and privilege to be selected as the next Convenor/Director of the HKU Alumni Association of New England (HKUAANE). This past year has been tremendously exciting, and I have been especially grateful for the wonderful opportunity to get to know many of you within our network. I want to thank all of you for nominating me to the position, and I look forward to work with you in the many weeks, months, and year to come.

Some of you may know that I spent a year at the University of Hong Kong, pursing a master's degree in educational administration and management. I have fond memories of my time there, and I recall those days as one of the golden years of my life. I have been back to HKU many times since, and last summer I returned as the recipient of the Henry Chan Inclusive Education award. I was very moved to see old friends, but most of all, I was inspired by my encounters to meet a new generation of HKU students.

This year, I hope you will enjoy time catching up with old HKU friends and meeting current HKUexchange students in the New England area, while sharing best practices and experiences that will enhance both your study/work as well as your professional development. Since the organization founding in 2004, over 20 talented volunteers have dedicated a great deal of thought and time in establishing the association for you. They have been led in their fine work by the exceptional leaders of: Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Keith WONG (Harvard Medical School), Professor Sau-Fong SIU (Wheelock College), Professor Yum-Tong SIU (Harvard University), Research Fellow Dr. Lesley ZHANG (Harvard Medical School), Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Jing FAN (Harvard University), Programmer Anthony LAM, Jenny LAU, among many others. I hope you will take the time this week to thank all of the volunteers in our association.

Should you have any new ideas or suggestions you would like see change/improve in our association, or if you would like to meet up for coffee/tea in downtown Boston, please feel free to contact me at rychan@graduate.hku.hk. We are always looking for new volunteers to help us coordinate our annual spring luncheon this coming March/April.

Thank you for your active participation. I look forward to speaking with you next month at the HKU Luncheon Gathering for Mentors and Mentees.

Best wishes,

Roy Y. Chan, M.A. (Boston College)

November 2014

On November 15, 2014, more than 30 alumni gathered for dim sum at Chau Chow City in Boston Chinatown. We were very excited to see many new faces and exchange students, and were glad that our members did such a great job connecting newcomers with us! Among the prizes for the lucky draw was the novel "The Concubine's Daughter: A Hong Kong Story", written by our beloved member Helen Kwok, who passed away this year. Please visit here for pictures.

We extend a warm welcome to the following HKU exchange students who are in New England for this semester (Fall Semester, 2014):  

Bentley University:
Mr Ip Chun Yeung Jason, BBA(IS), mentor Anthony Lam 
Mr Wong Wing Kwan Ivan, BBA(Acc&Fin), mentor Jenny Lau
Ms Zhang Jiayan, BBA(Acc&Fin), mentor Rae Flanagan

Boston College (all mentored by Roy Y. Chan):
Mr Tang Xinkai 汤心恺, BBA(Acc&Fin)
Ms Wang Ruo Yin Olivia, BEcon&Fin
Ms YANG Luona 杨罗娜, BSc(AC)

Tufts University:
Mr Albano Guevarra Jayson Paolo, BA, mentor Kira Fu
Ms Zeng Shu Xuan Helen 曾樹烜, BSc, mentor Jing Fan
Ms Li Meiqing 李梅磬, BA(Urban St), mentor Keith Wong
Ms Zhou Yixian 周藝嫻, Economics, mentor Keith Wong

Wellesley College (both mentored by Sau Fong Siu):
Ms Yu Wai Sim Miriam 余蔚嬋, BSS(Psycho)
Ms Zhong Yuguo 鍾雨果, BEcon&Fin

April 2014

On April 26, 2014, 30 alumni and friends gathered for lunch at Royal East Restaurant in Cambridge, MA. We had several new faces including an alumnus from New Jersey! Our new website team Anthony, Jing, Taibo and Lesley were introduced to our members and we expressed our appreciation for their efforts. We had an exciting bingo game in which HKU souvenirs were given out.


March 2014

On March 16, 2014, hundreds of members of the HKU Family gathered together to bid a fond farewell to Vice-Chancellor Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, who, after 12 years at the helm of HKU, completes his tenure here at the end of March. 

Please visit the following link to see a very special slide show of the Vice-Chancellor and the highlights of the gathering:

Professor Peter Mathieson, the former dean of medicine and dentistry at the University of Bristol in Britain, will succeed Professor Tsui as the university's 15th vice chancellor. 

HKU appoints Professor Peter William Mathieson, succeeding Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, as the 15th Vice-Chancellor.

Official press release: 


September 2013

On September 21, 2013 close to 40 people gathered for dim sum lunch at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, Newton, MA.  At least half of the attendees were young alumni or exchange students. Instead of the usual lucky draw, an exciting contest of trivia on HKU well-known alumni was held, with HKU souvenirs given out as prizes.  The afternoon’s program also included a slide show of the Centennial campus, which most of the alumni have not visited.  On behalf of the alumni network, Keith Wong expressed his appreciation to former conveners Prof. Yum-Tong Siu and Prof. Sau-Fong Siu by presenting them with a bouquet and a thank-you card signed by everyone.

November 2012

On November 3, 2012, 46 people attended the fall dinner gathering at Royal East Restaurant, Cambridge, MA. The dining room was decorated with green and white balloons and streamers. We had a record number of first-time attendees: alumni Chloe Leung, Simon Nip, Jane Li, Karen Chan, and Kira Fu; family members Shamina Abdullah, Louis Lau, and Zarina Nip; exchange students Jesse Zhou, Skelton Zhou, Roy Lam, Adam Tang, Karman Leung, Yuan-Yuan Shen, Terry Ng and Justin Lu. An interactive activity “Treasure Hunt” before dinner provided an opportunity for attendees to mingle and find out a little about one another. Tony Yu led everyone in singing the HKU Centennial song, “Brighten me with virtue.” At the dinner, Sau-Fong Siu thanked Milly (Ng) Lau for helping her with planning this gathering. Sau-Fong also announced that she is stepping down as coordinator and passing the baton to the younger generation.
April 2012

On April 21, 2012,  close to 50 people attended the spring luncheon gathering held at Yangtze River Restaurant, Lexington, MA. (This is the largest gathering we have had.) First-time attendees included  Irene Chan, David Leung, Jenny Lau, Ronald Tsang, Tam Wai Ming, Lesley Zhang, Karen Lo, Wai Lo, Jessica Cheung and Daniel O’Connell.